Ian Lemmonds: Digital Technologist

If you want people to care about something, you have to inspire them first. It’s my job to inspire people through digitial interactions and online experiences. I’ve been doing it for more than fifteen years now, and I’m as passionate about it now as I was when I started.

My background in art and design transitioned into digital when I realized that regardless of the medium, the goal is the same: to create something evocative and memorable. You have to make people feel something if you expect them to remember your message after they’ve closed their browser window or put their phone away.

For the past three years, I was an Associate Creative Director at Sullivan Branding. Many agencies have a partition between the creative department and the digital department. They work simultaneously, but separately. I brought the idea of ‘technological agnosticism’ into the organization, working with both departments simultaneously. I also trained many in the creative department how to work in various aspects of online, such as showing designers how to work HTML5 and CSS, as well as Content Management Systems.

Ian Lemmonds: Maker of things. Designer of experiences. Team player.

6 + 4 =

I have worked with Ian for 2 years in at Sullivan Branding. His duties included digital design, development and continuing education for members of our creative and account service teams. He is a conscientious digital designer and developer that always spends time thinking through the needs of the project and asking the right questions before diving in. Ian is great with clients and can always explain the more technical aspects of a complex project in a way that is easy to understand and never condescending. He is enthusiastic about his work and always open to new ideas and solutions (which is incredibly helpful in the ever-changing world of digital).

-Amy Sharp // evp, marketing & operations, Sullivan Branding

I’ve enjoyed working with Ian for the past 3-4 years. He’s full of ideas. One of his best traits is his unsatable quest for learning. If he doesn’t know about something, he will shortly thereafter. He speaks with confidence about digital marketing and creative. And he’s a good person to have in front of a client because of his ability to talk about the digital realm in a way that’s easy to understand and honest.

Don MacDougall // Associate Creative Director, Sullivan Branding

Ian and I have worked together for over 7 years at 2 different organizations. I continue to be impressed with the creative quality of work which Ian designs.  One of my favorite things about Ian is his consistently thoughtful approach to design and dedication to the creative process. Ian is a wealth of knowledge in his field, has a positive attitude and always goes the extra mile.

Leslie Skelton / Channel Director at VML and The Navy Partnership

I have worked with Ian the last 4 years. There are many skills that he possesses that make him a valuable asset to any company, but the more valuable assets he possesses are the ones you can't teach. He is always looking to push the work, always looking to help the team out and always looking to learn as much as he can (skillwise and projectwise). He is always prepared and always maintains a high level of composure and integrity about him.

David Hardin // Director of Design, Sullivan Branding