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Memphis Most

Memphis Most was initially created as a voter's choice promotion to allow users to vote on their favorite 'Memphis' things. However, Memphis Most had never reached it's full potential. It never engaged the audience in the way that it had the possibility to do. After years of low voting, Memphis Most was handed to Michael Erskine and myself.

We began to assess the structure, technology, and potential audience of previous iterations of Memphis Most. We assessed problem areas and weighed the effectiveness of potential solutions. Each of these potential solutions was based on assessing the promotion based on the audience. How do we draw them into the promotion? How do we make it easy for them to vote once they get there? What categories are they interested in voting on?

Memphis Most voting had totalled less than 200,000 the year before. After we implemented user-experience changes, software changes, a design overhaul and user-incentives, 2013 saw just under 1 million votes.